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Leadership Qualities/Management Skills/Create Corporate wellness/ Mental Resillience

Dealing with Stress

Cardiovascular Health

Boosting Immunity

Weight management

Enhance job performance & decision making

Psychometric Evaluation

The achievements and growth of all businesses is reliant on a healthy, inspired, enthusiaistic team of motivated personnel.

Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle (including diet, alcohol and substance abuse), mental fatigue, unhappy personal and family relationships, financial issues and the environment are all factors that can support or restrict a company's ability to achieve goals


  • Corporate Consultancy 

Packages with corporate clients are determined on an individual basis, depending on the needs and size of the company.

Previous packages include, introductory talks to a group of employees followed by individual sessions with those who wish to participate. 

The length of individual sessions can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. 


Why use a Nutritional Therapist corporately?


It has been found that when companies show an interest in the healthcare of their employees they see the benefits through increased motivation by staff. 
Ensuring individuals have the knowledge to maximize their health could help to increase the overall success of the company. 


  • Nutrition Focused Seminars and Workshops

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for a conference, trade show or a corporate lunch and learn seminar? Juliana delivers lunch and learn-style seminars, keynote presentations, and hands-on, interactive workshops.


Nutrition seminars can be run for one hour, half day or a full day and are tailored to your organizational needs. They can be set up in a boardroom, lunchroom or any meeting space that suits your requirements.  


Popular nutrition topics include:


  • Optimal Health: Managing Stress through Diet and Nutrition

  • Optimising energy levels - how to get the brain and body buzzing.

  • What is your nutrition IQ?

  • Eat for health - Nutrition Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

  • Eat for health - Nutrition Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risk

  • Nutrition for Women - A Guide to the Menopausal Years

  • Nutrition for Women - What women should know about their health

  • Nutrition Strategies to Strengthen Your Immune System

  • Weight loss

  • Understanding the Glycemic Index

  • Diabetes - Causes, Treatment and Prevention

  • Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

  • The Food - Mood Connection 


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"The current total annual cost to the NHS of overweight and obesity has been estimated at £1billion, and the total impact on employment may be as much as £10 billion. By 2050 the NHS cost of overweight and obesity could rise to £6.5 billion and the associated chronic health problems are projected to cost society an additional £45.5 billion a year."

Tackling Obesity: Future Choices' Foresight Project.


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