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What is Metabolic Balance:

Metabolic Balance® is an innovative nutritional programme set up by Dr Wolf Funfack, a German internal medicine doctor. His company has performed over 370,000 programmes world-wide and since it’s creation 15 years ago thousands of individuals have made use of this methodology to lose in excess of 4 stone and successfully then go on to maintain a balanced metabolism and improved health as a result.

It is based on sound science and as such fits in with my functional medicine approach of treating the patient as an individual, and why I have integrated mb® into my practice so successfully. The primary focus of metabolic balance® is on resetting a metabolism that has essentially become slow, sluggish or stuck.

If you have tried many weight loss diets only to find yourself regaining the weight or even after sticking religiously to it not losing more than a couple of lbs there is little doubt that your metabolism is at play. Many symptoms begin to arise as a result of a slow or sluggish metabolism: weight gain – especially around the midrif, high or rising blood sugar, low energy and fatigue, diabetes, raised triglycerides and high blood pressure. Metabolic syndrome is the medical term for a collection of these symptoms where all that is offered is medication to treat the symptom instead of actually unraveling the cause of the of the issue - the metabolism.

How does it Work?

In our society we have adopted a habit of eating and drinking literally all day long: cereal or toast for breakfast, coffee on the way into work, maybe a snack of some sort (even if considered “healthy”) at 11am, lunch, some more snacking, another cup of tea, picking at the kids leftovers from tea, dinner. This constant “feeding” cycle doesn’t just cause fat deposition through excess calorie intake more importantly it keeps our bodies in a permanent “on” mode. This on mode leads to an elevation in hormones, most especially insulin and IGF-1 – insulin growth like factor, which when over expressed cause metabolic anarchy and symptoms such as weight/fat gain and results in a metabolism that literally speaking becomes stuck.


The metabolic balance® nutrition programme produces a methodology that kick-starts the metabolism and regulates your hormone levels. By returning hormones to a state of equilibrium this in turn facilitates fat loss, decreased fat storage, and promotes "anti-ageing" specifically through reduction in the hormone IGF-1. Metabolic balance® is designed to be more than a weight loss program it’s a lifestyle change.


How does Metabolic Balance work for me?

Metabolic balance® is a 4-stage plan the foundation of which is a personalised nutrition program tailored to your unique body chemistry and nutritional needs.

Based on more than 30 blood values and health profile your plan forms a roadmap that naturally resets the metabolism and results in natural and sustainable weight loss.

Only whole and natural foods form part of each plan, and with over 100,000 participants in just 11 years (some more high profile than others!) this impressive growth is testimony to the effectiveness and practicality of metabolic balance’s nutrition programme.

The Process:

You’ll have an Initial consultation (60 minutes) during which time I’ll take your case history, record data/measurements using bioimpedence analysis and order your blood samples. The results of the blood tests are subsequently used to generate an individualised nutritional programme (this takes 1 week to be generated from having the blood taken).

- A week later you’ll have a lengthy 1st follow up consultation to explain and implement phases I & II of your metabolic balance® programme this can last up to 60 minutes.

- On completion of phase I & II (16 days) you’ll have a 2nd follow up (30-40 minutes) to take your measurements and record weight loss. Phase III is explained and introduced.

- 4 further 30 minute consultations are scheduled in at your convenience over the subsequent 2 months to continue measuring your weight loss and provide further support.

- Consultations 2 to 7 can be in person or by telephone/Skype. Email support during the 3 month period is included in the package price within reasonable boundaries, which we’ll discuss in person.

So it is essentially a 3-month program of continued support. Some clients may opt for additional support after the initial 3 month period, at an additional charge. Blood tests can be taken locally and couriered to TDL (our testing lab) in London for analysis (you pay for the courier). Once blood results are received the turn-around time for an individual metabolic balance® programme is 1 week.

Nutri Insight offers the following Metabolic Balance Programme:

Metabolic Balance® standard £750 Includes :


  • Blood Test at The Doctors’ Laboratory, 55 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YL

  • Full blood chemistry analysis (you will be provided with a copy of the results)

  • Your own individualised metabolic balance® food plan

  • 5 hours professional support from myself made up of the initial consultation, 2nd consultation (1 hour for explanation of your blood results and food plan together with recipe suggestions to suit your plan) and then 5 further 30 minutes sessions to monitor your results and move you through the programme

  • 7 Bioimpedence reports showing how your markers such as body fat and muscle change over the programme

  • Email/telephone support throughout the duration of the programme as arranged



The mb® program is only available through trained coaches that have undergone Dr Funfack’s training. Juliana is a fully licensed mb® coach and will support you throughout your individualised programme with encouragement and advice to help you to achieve your goals.


*Please note that if you are NOT already a client of Juliana you will first need to book a Diagnostic Consultation, to ensure this specialised program is suitable for your needs. This consultation is charged at my normal initial consultation rate and lasts between 60-90 minutes as shown. If during the process it becomes apparent metabolic balance® is suitable and you decide it is for you the cost of this diagnostic consultation will be deducted from the overall MB® package.

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Therapeutic Consultations


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